border review | 22 July 2011

Global Times: Preparing the borders for the three evil forces

Global Times journalists Lu Wenlong and Li Liang visit the Xinjiang borders.

Natural barriers in the south [of Xinjiang], including plateaus and snowy mountains, coupled with a number of non-inhabited regions, weaken the administration there. Hence, it is a safe hiding place and even a training camp for ethnic separatists, religious extremists and violent terrorists, known as “the three evil forces.”

And what to do about it?

Local nomads, both Han and ethnic minorities, along with the government border guards, will be involved to aid the local police in cracking down on problems.

Han nomads in Xinjiang?

They could receive certain subsidies monthly from the government in return. Some local authorities will also equip them with mobile phones, and even satellite phones in the Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture. It is impossible for the local border guards to curb the “three evils” by themselves owing to the long borderline. Uniting patriotic nomads to guard the territory is effective.

Using nomadic patriotism?