border review | 15 August 2011

Han Hua on the nature of the Sino-Pakistani partnership

In a commentary for China Daily, Han Hua counters media reports about alleged tensions between Pakistan and China following the recent Xinjiang incidents:

Though it was unusual for China to say that the Kashgar rioters had received training in Pakistan-based ETIM camps and terrorists’ activities in Xinjiang are a cause for concern, only the shortsighted would prophesy a rift between Beijing and Islamabad and overlook the solidity of Sino-Pakistani partnership. […]

China has known these facts and Pakistan has been cooperating with it in the fight against terrorism. In fact Pakistan has handed over some Uygur separatists to China.

Han Hua, associate professor at Peking University’s School of International Studies, is probably right to warn against an overinterpretation of the Kashgar government’s allegations. What still strikes me is how openly and easily seperatism and terrorism are used as synonyms.