border review | 9 August 2011

Prachanda says he is not pro-China

Indian Express quotes Prachanda on his involvment in the Chinese Lumbini plans:

“I am not pro-China. It is wrong to label me pro-China simply because I was supposed to attend the meeting of the Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation for the development of Lumbini,” he said at Tribhuvan International Airport prior to his departure to Malaysia. He will attend the meeting of Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation in Malaysia, scheduled to kick off on Monday.

The foundation, of which Prachanda is a co-chairman, brought forward a USD 3 billion dollar plan to turn Buddhas birthplace into a “special economic zone” and a “Mecca for Buddhists”. The plans were heavily critisised as non of the local stakeholders had been consulted.

Nevertheless, Prachanda continues to see great benefits for Nepal:

This will not only develop Lumbini, but also bring economic prosperity to the entire country.