border review | 26 February 2012

Walongchung border closure

The Himalayan Timesreports that the border crossing near Walongchung in Eeaster Nepal has been closed for the coming months.

The Chinese administration has banned Nepalis from entering Tibet from Taplejung border. Tashi Sherpa of Olangchungola said today that Chinese police had recently informed them not to come Tibet for four months. He also said that the reason behind the prohibition in the entry to Tibet has not been cited.

Locals of northern part of Taplejung suspect that China might have blocked the border for Nepalis as March 20 was the day when Dalai Lama had left Tibet and that there maybe some anti-Tibet activities aimed for the day. Nepal Police of Olangchungola said that they have not been formally informed about the closure of the border.

This is not the first time, when the Chinese government had imposed an embargo on Nepalis. Earlier, around this time the Nepalis have been informed not to enter Tibet for four months.

Let’s see if this is an isolated case of wether all of the remote border crossings are going to be shut down in anticipation of potential protests over the coming months.