visuals | 5 September 2013

New Socialist Countryside: Village construction and a red carpet in Xinjiang, China

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Travelling up the Karakorum Highway from Kashgar to the Pakistani border, it seems that a new house is being built for each and every family in the region. The new houses come in two varieties – yellow ones with red tin roofs and blue ones with traditional flat roofs. The new houses are a result of China’s policy of constructing a New Socialist Countryside, which was announced in the 11th five year plan (2006-2011). I saw the beginnings of its sweeping effects in rural Tibet in 2008/2009. Now it has reached the western peripheries of Xinjiang, and it did so with a pervasiveness that baffles me. Most of the new villages have just been completed, and most of them are not yet inhabited. Nicely painted but cheaply built, the new and empty settlements have a eerie atmosphere: (…)